We provide research in a wide variety of themes of biological interest in The States and Europe including pacific and atlantic islands. Special interest is mycological life.

We want to publish or republish articles on our website to rise your attention for fungi and some “exotic interests”. Perhaps we can support your work with information or sponsorship.

We start with some articles from our chairman and his scientific collegues (no members of “BRIC”). Please notice the illustrated overview about nematophagous fungi from Philip Jacobs. New in April 2003 and committed by Sandeepa Inamdar Kanitkar (India): Nematodes capture by A. o..

We promoted for some time a personal safari organization for foto-safaris and hunting in Zimbabwe. Please see our Ecological remarks .

Pay attention to our documentation of the fight against a ecological disaster in Tenerife on the Canary Islands (no puerto granadilla).

Last actualized in November 2006

Aseroe rubra, "starfish stinkhorn" , Mauii Hawaii


Aseroe rubra, "starfish stinkhorn" , Mauii Hawaii

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